2004 San Francisco Reunion Greetings!!

Dear Californian SunRisers,

Couldn't say enough how much we really enjoyed our reunion in San Francisco. 
It was perfectly arranged by you and your spouse! I hope every one of you is safe
and well and not affected by yesterday's earth quake.

chungwai 趙從偉
September 29, 2004

Dear CW:

We are ok, I think. It was a six pointer centered just south of where we were last Sunday,
Monterey. Thank you for asking. It would've been a real treat had it rocked while we were
lunching on the pier.

Thank you also for the kind words on the reunion. On behalf of the California Sunrisers with 
the SF chapter in particular, I'd like to say that we enjoyed having everyone and hosting the
reunion. As a first timer to the occasion, I had the best assignment which gave me an 
opportunity to re-connect with everyone months in advance. 

If anyone happens to be in Northern California, be sure to let one of us know.
Please stay in good health. We look onward to 2007. 

Let's keep in touch,

Jay. 田玉樹

Dear All:

  Yes, you deserve a big salute!  We all received an absolute first-class treatment and enjoyed 
every moment of our reunion. You may feel a big relief now after working so tirelessly
for so long. But, more importantly, you should feel proud and satisfied after this huge success.
This is a significant milestone in our class affair history and we should all cherish the
reunion memories.

I am back from the trip now and I am finalizing the updated master mailing list.
An email will be sent out to everybody after.

Hanson 程慶生

Dear Hanson:

Thank you for the pat on the back. Speaking for the SF Sunrisers, it was a privilege to serve
and host the reunion. As Cherry reiterated time after time, our mission was to have nothing
but fun and laughter. Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend and came away feeling much closer
to each other. We certainly did.

Now we shift gear to '07 - the 45th year after we departed from PC, a milestone no one would
want to miss.

How was the cruise? Did you and Michael enjoy Mexico?

J. 田玉樹

Dear Hanson:

Welcome back!  Glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip.  We did had the most wonderful
fun filled reunion here in SF. The weather was great. Right after the last day of our reunion
on Sunday, the next few days were cold and foggy... The good old Lord was with us.

Thank you for all your help and suggestions for the reunion, and taking care of the ever
complicated e-mailing system sending to all Sunrisers.

Now we are looking forward to attend our next one in 2007. At the meantime, please take good 
care of ourselves.  Do come to visit us here in California.  We will always welcome you.


Cherry Sung Wen Guen Lin 宋允娟

Dear All:

   I am back from the wonderful SF reunion and the Mexican cruise. My cabin was at the very
front of the ship and I had a bit of seasick at the 4th day, however we had a very good time
and I missed the earthquake.

   My wife and I enjoyed every moment of our SF reunion. We never forget your warm hospitality
and that is why I call you all the "Magnificent Nine".

Best regards,

Michael. 余兆文

Dear Michael & Stella:

Welcome back!  Glad to hear that both you and Stella had a wonderful time with us at the 
SF reunion and yout cruise.

Thank you for all your wonderful and skilful web site design and the announcement for the reunion.
It was very successful. 

Hope both of you will come to visit the beautiful California and us.  We will always welcome
both of you.


Cherry Sung Wen Guen Lin. 宋允娟

Dear Michael,

Terribly sorry for not being able to reply your message sooner. I've been busy after the reunion
in getting ready for a trip to Shanghai tomorrow.

I echo Cherry's sentiment in expressing our deep appreciation and gratitude on the tremendous
exposure you provided to the reunion with swift and precise information and updates that reached
all Sunrisers via the class website. You and Hanson were an integral part of the committee.
The high turn-out was mainly resulted from your communicating efforts. 

Let's hope we don't have to wait till 2007 to see each other again. Please let us know whenever
your travel plans should bring you to SF. We will do the same likewise.

Best regards to Stella too!

J. 田玉樹

Dear All:

I have just set up my computer with the newly installed wireless broadband at home 
(feeling really with-it), hence the delayed congratulations.

I enjoyed the 4 days together. You chose the hotel with its fantastic deal and the daily 
outings well, reaching the climax on the final day. At first, I thought the formal attire
was unnecessary for the dinner but  was proven wrong. Boys in suits looked so much  smarter
and they made handsome pictures too. We girls always looked pretty anywhere, anyway. 

The problem will be how to repeat the SF experience in 2007.  Meanwhile, I hope there will be 
plenty of  small parties in different parts of the world, whenever we can, just to enjoy life

My warmest wishes

Elizabeth 黃亭秀

Dear California Sunrisers:

On behave of the East Coast USA Sunrisers (AKA Sunrisers Outside of California), 
I'd like to acknowledge the tremendous success of the 42nd Class Reunion held in 
San Francisco/Burlingame, California between September 24 and 27, 2004.  You should be 
proud of yourselves for the excellent turnout, some of the classmates we have not seen for 
over forty years, and how smooth and successful all the tours and meals were conducted.

You have shown us the dedication, love and care in the planning and implementation of the
entire program.  With the leadership of Cherry, J, and the support of the planning committee,
everything was done to perfection.

Between now and the 2007 Reunion in Hong Kong, I'd like to propose an informal gathering for 
the U.S. and Canadian Sunrisers which naturally would be also open to the ones in the other 
regions of the globe.  Perhaps a cruise in 2005 or 2006, be it Alaskan, Caribbean or 
New England, will do. It does not have to be an ambitious undertaking.  Let me know one way 
or the other  what you think.

Once again, Thank You for a job well done!  

Robert Au. 區榮光

Dear Robert:

Thank you for your complement.  We, the California Bay Area Sunrisers, together with 
Bill Lau 劉煥文 from the South are happy to know that you had a wonderful time at our reunion.
Thank you very much for all your help and support as being our East Coast Sunrisers' 
Coordinator. You were able to call on few more classmates coming to our reunion.

The mini reunion trips sound good. Checked with the travel agent before, all we need 
are 10 people, or only 5 couples to be qualified as a group to receive discount benefit 
on hotel rooms, or transportation etc. besides being "soon to be senior" citizens. 
It is always more fun to go to places with group of friends, especially your childhood 
classmates instead of just any tour groups....

You are right, Elizabeth 黃亭秀. The new England autumn fall colors are the most beautiful. 
That is why I am going back to Virginia this Thursday to visit my elderly mom and sister whose 
son is getting married.  Hope the leaves will turn color in Virginia also..

Thank you again, Please feel free to come to SF and visit us again... We will always welcome you. 

Cherry Sung Wen Guen Lin 宋允娟

Dear All:

There is a special meaning for choosing the city of Burlingame as the site of our reunion 
for the American based Sunrisers.

This is the brief history. 

The city was name after Anson Burlingame (not sure if Mrs. Anson Fong Chen was name after 
Burlingame or not). Burlingame was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as Minster to China in 1867. 
As a result the Burlingame Treaty was signed between the United State and China in 1868, 
which gave China the most favored nation status, and encouraged Chinese immigration.

The first transcontinental railroad was finished on May 10, 1869 mostly by Chinese labor from 
the West and Irish labor from the East.

The treaty was reversed in 1882 by the Chinese Exclusion Act which limit the Chinese immigrant 
to 105 per year.

Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in 1943 by FDR, only because Japanese invade Pearl Harbor 
and United State and China became alliance.

So to all American based Sunriser, whichever party you are, make sure to vote this November.

Keith 廖耀琦

Dear Cherry, Jay and all the planning members of the 2004 reunion.
We had a wonderful time in this event. Not to mention about all the good food, drinks 
and entertainment, daily first class programs were planned very well.  The most important 
part was to meet the Sunrisers, especially for those who showed up for the first time since 
we graduated.
No  a single word can show our appreciation. We must say thanks and thanks to all of you.
You've make this wonderful event the most memorable one in our life. We are looking forward 
to meet you all again in next reunion.
Best regards, 
Gloria 葉蘊芙 and Kwan

Dear All Sunrisers:

We had a wonderful reunion in SF last month.  We thank the California planning team, 
led by Cherry Lin Sung WenGuen 宋允娟 and Jacob Dien YukShu 田玉樹.  The "Magnificent Eight"
(refer to our web page) showcased their tireless organizing efforts and we who attended received
an absolute first-class treatment. Supports from others also contributed to the success of 
this reunion. Program details and list of Sunrisers who were there are all on our web page.
We had too many laughters, lots of heart-felt talks, non-stop entertainment, and of course 
abundant supply of wine and food for those drinkers!

What counts most for an reunion like ours is the participation of Sunrisers. Two years ago in
Toronto, many of us saw each other first time in 40 years. Yet this time we saw more
"first time" meetings amongst ourselves.  I think this the is the most remarkable, valuable
and memorable achievement that we actually enjoyed most.  We don't claim to be young anymore,
but our spirits are pure and high, our energy levels are still elevated and our thinking is
still positive. Further more, aside from individual professional expertise, I found that the
Sunrisers' talent pool is so deep that we can handle any task, like dancing, 
musical instruments,singing, informatics, painting, calligraphy, art design, photography…..  
High school bashfulness has long been replaced by accomplishments, and they are there, 
no mistake about it.  We can be proud of the fact that we survive, prosper and achieve.  
Most importantly, we enjoy life and wetreasure our high school friendship for all the 
past 42 years.

Saturday night, we had an open class meeting, chaired by President William Young:

- With great regret and shock to us, it was reported that Lee Pui-Haan (Toronto, Class of Faith) 
  and Lam Chi-Chung (Class of Light) had passed away. Total number of our classmates who have 
  passed away, as we know up to now, is 12.

- David Li Chung-Nee 李仲尼 agreed to collect and edit the reunion pictures (most of them, 
  if not all, will be in digital form), to send them to Michael Yu for web publication and 
  to William Young in Hong Kong for colour print copies.  Each one of us will get a copy from HK.
  So make sure your address is on file if you want to have a copy sent to you.  Please select 
  some of the photos you took and send them to David Li ASAP and not later than October 30.

- We shall continue our effort to track down loss-contacted Sunrisers.  The  master e-mail list 
  will be continuously revised and updated,  The list for this e-mail is the most updated one 
  for your communication purposes. And if you have any additional info, please let me know. 
  As we all understand, this list is for Sunrisers only (that is if individual does not object 
  to be on the list, otherwise, let me know too)  To avoid any SPAM abuse, please don't use it 
  for any external communication.

- We re-affirmed the appointment of co-ordinators for different regions in the world, see our 
  web page for the list.  As the main contact for each region for any class activities, 
  he/she can also provide news on any visits, local gatherings, assistance requirements, 
  success stories, distress situation etc. He/she will handle the info with the respect of
  individual privacy if so requested, of course. For example, since the reunion in SF, 
  David Li and Tong Po-Kwai 湯保歸 have visited Toronto separately and have had gatherings with 
  local Sunrisers already.

- 2007 is our 45th anniversary of graduation from PC.  We decided unanimously a major reunion 
  will be held in HK under the leadership of William Young.  Our president indicated that 2005 
  will be the year of pre-planning info gathering (so let us get the ideas flowing starting 
  from now). 2006 will be for planning and proposal.  We are probably looking at days of partying 
  in HK with side trips to destinations in China.  The HK Sunrisers will need all the 
  encouragement and support.  About the timing, the Pres. is going to check with PC first about 
  the traditional timing of the annual alumni day, also see if they have a traditional 
  celebration for the class of 45th year.  Autumn seemed to be the favourite and November 
  be a good choice.

- Between now and then, we should have other mini-reunions in various parts of the world.  
  If you have proposals, let everybody know.  For example, every summer end for the past 
  many years, we had mini-reunion in a Toronto restaurant (not yet this year due to 
  the SF reunion). Everyone was informed about it and welcome to Toronto to meet the gang.

Sunday of the reunion was the climax. Our guest of honour was Ms, Cheung 張春煦
(Middle II chemistry teacher).  Everyone of us dressed up neatly and sharp. I saw Ms. Cheung 
walked into the hotel lobby and when I greeted her, she immediately remembered my name 
(I did not have my name tag on at that moment) and said, "I recognize your face".  That was 
awesome and made me speechless for a moment.  She is 83 and her warmth and charm have not 
diminished in all the past 45 years.  I was thinking that if we could get Mr. Lam Tin-Wai come 
to our party, it will be even a bigger thrill.  Needless to say, the picture taking time of 
the night was full of fun too.  Who says that times cannot go back?

We had to bid farewell late Sunday night. We knew the Sun will rise tomorrow and we will 
see each other again.  Keep in touch and take care of yourself.

Hanson Cheng 程慶生

An Awesome Gathering, Some Afterthoughts

I attended the SF reunion held on the weekend of Sept 23 - 26. I had a great time participating in some organized activities as well as visiting with many Sunrisers during the morning walks, breakfast hours, time between functions and of course, during the evening social time. I enjoyed the interaction and have learned a lot. I thought I would share some of my experience. This being my first attendance at a formal reunion in 42 years, I was apprehensive, somewhat excited but nonetheless apprehensive, despite prior reassurance given by some experienced fellow Sunrisers. Strangely enough, the apprehension didn't last. It disappeared even before I stepped into the room on that Friday evening; meeting some participants at the door was enough to help ease my mind. From then on, it was excitement, overwhelming excitement. (Believe me, and like some others that I had talked with, I was too excited to sleep in all three nights that I was there.) What I was totally unprepared for was the sadness that seemed to have suddenly come from nowhere when I was waiting for my return plane at the SF airport on Monday. It somehow reminded me of the day when I first left home (Hong Kong) some years back. I really appreciate the effort that members of the organizing committee had put in. Thank you all for attending to every little detail, including those well-thought-out nametags and the red and blue napkins used at the Sunday banquet. It is hard to understand how anyone would spend so much time, energy and money, just for the enjoyment and satisfaction of others. There were Kok Kee Wong 王曲奇, Jay Dien 田玉樹, David Li 李仲尼, Cherry Lin 宋允娟, Bob Woo 吳秉渝, Eddy Wu 吳靄悌, Percy Pang 彭耀國, Laurence Liu 劉樹漢 and William Lau 劉煥文. All had worked so hard, for so long. They all deserve special medals and a huge "THANK YOU". I once told Cherry that I thought we should have done more to show our appreciation, only to realize that actually nothing we did or said would have been enough in expressing our gratitude. Cherry reminded me of the effort of a mother, (OK, maybe most mothers, if not all), working selflessly and tirelessly just to make sure that all would have a wonderful and lasting experience . (No, we were NOT treated like children; I hope no one would read this out of context.) As for Jay, how he could keep his sense of humour while working so hard is beyond me. Thank you Jay. A big "THANK YOU" to all the spouses as well. For in my mind, without their understanding and support, the reunion couldn't have been such a success. I hope, next time I would have more time to speak with more than just three: Vincent Lin --- respectful, easy going, a quiet gentleman (Or, was he quiet because we were too boisterous?); Alice Dien --- caring, spontaneous, honest, straight-forward and fun to be with; Cassandra Li --- open, warm and receptive. I have so much to learn from you. And then, there was Bill Lau, our perfect M.C., who did a superb job at the banquet --- except for that one little thing when he decided to pass the buck --- just kidding. Thank you Chow Wei Jeh 周維傑, Julie (Larry Liu's sister), Cherry, David and the guest violinist for the wonderful entertainment at the banquet. I appreciate Fan Kwok's 范國 suggestion, via William Young 楊康裔, that we need to show more concern among all Sunrisers. As well, thank you Li Chin Ju 李真如 for the valuable health information that we all can use to stay healthy. A special thank you to all of you who interacted with me in those three+ days. I appreciate the information and the ideas that you have shared. It is wonderful to learn how each and every one is making a difference in their special way. I did not take a single photo during any events even though I had my camera with me most of the time; I was too busy chatting. (As Celia Wong would tell you that she had never seen me talk so much! No kidding, I had forty+ years to catch up.) So, I am looking forward to seeing any photos that our official photographer David Li would produce and compile. Thank you David, still working hard after the main events are over. Same goes to all Sunrisers in Hong Kong who, I understand, would be working on yet another class book that would require lots of work. Thank you in advance for all your contribution. Hope to be able to see more of you, and soon. Also, sincere thanks to Michael Yu 余兆文 for maintaining and updating the website. Lastly, I would like to extend my invitation to all Sunrisers. Please give me a shout whenever you are visiting Vancouver, or just passing through. It is my intention to continue to work full time for a few more years. However, I will not be too busy to see you. Mable Chow (May Po) 周美保 October 14, 2004

I know I am still reminiscing, and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one.

The weekend in San Francisco is now history, but I am certain the memory will 
continue to linger on for a long time to come. It had to be the best High School 
Reunion I have ever attended since I left Pui Ching (?)!  Yes, we are all indebted 
to the Magnificent Nine who made the occasion such a great success and we will 
always remember the kind of September that reflected those golden years of our lives.

It is going to be my 30th year in Boston. Here I have come across and become 
associated with many Pui Ching Alumni, but they were either from the dark ages, 
i.e. before sunrise, or they were already way up high above the cloth poles. 
They lacked the perpetual glow beyond the horizon!!  What a joy that we, 
the SunRisers, after so many decades, were able to re-unite to share our laughs 
and tears….

Cherry 宋允娟 was absolutely right when she said, “Our childhood background were all too 
similar at Pui Ching. It was at our most tender formative years of teenager time. 
Perhaps it was the most important years of our lives as how we pursue ourselves in 
our adult lives.”  Although we may not have known one another at Pui Ching, 
we all seemed to be old acquaintances once we met again.  Many a time, it was only 
through the retrospectivescope where the most precious moments of our lives were 
revealed.  Indeed, we were “friends” then, and..., Amigos Para Siempre!! 

I was so excited that in San Francisco, I finally discovered the original source of 
our School Anthem.  It was The National Anthem of Holland before 1932!!  
Thank you Keith 廖耀琦!  Henry Charles Litolff did a good job incorporating it into his 
Concerto Symphonique (Op. 45).  It is a great Anthem, and it is a great Concerto. 

Along with all of you, me too, am looking forward to our next reunion.  
Till then, time and space cannot sever our incessant friendship.

Ted Lo (Chung-Maan) 盧宗孟.
October 18, 2004.