悼念 金愛瑾 Aegean King

Very sorry to hear our Aegean passed away. She is resting now 
and enjoying being with our Lord. Our prayers will be with her 
and her family.  Glad to see her at our last reunion - she was 
as beautiful as she used to be...

Cherry Sung Wen Guen Lin (宋允娟)
15 March 2014



Dear all Sunrisers,
I received a call from Gloria Chu Wing-Fong (朱永芳) this morning.  
It was 10 hours ago and I think there is no need to wait and 
withhold the news now.
Aegean King passed away in Houston due to stomach cancer last week.
We were in the same class of Love when graduated in 1962.  
She will be missed by all of us.  Let us remember her as such a lively 
person and the good times we had together in the 2012 reunion.
I hope to have more details later for all of you.
Hanson Cheng (程慶生)
16 March 2014 


It's always sad to learn that one of our classmates/friends 
passed away.  Unfortunately, at our age, anything may happen...

My deepest condolences to Ms King's family, 
and may Aegean rest in peace!

黄顯成  WONG Hin-Shing 
16 March 2014 



So sad !!!!
She was one of the most beautiful girl ever attended Pui Ching 
with tonnes of admirers, me included.
A very important person in my life. 
It feels like an era has just gone by.

So sad !!!!!  So sad !!!!!

Tony Fu (傅申根)
16 March 2014


A very sad news indeed ! I remember Aegean first entered Pui Ching 
in the spring semester of our Junior High III year (class of Xin, 
classmates of Cherry, Celia Fan, and myself) in February, 1959. 

Immediately, she became the favorite of our teacher of Chinese language, Leung Fung-Gong
(梁逢江), because of Aegean's outstanding talent in writing. Aegean was selected 
by Teacher Leung, over Jeh For-Yu(謝火如), to represent our class of Xin (善班)
for a writing competition, the winner of which would receive the award for "Chinese" in our 
(junior high) graduation ceremony in July of 1959.

In our Senior High I (again, the class of Xin) at Pui Ching, we ran into each other one morning 
at Star Ferry (we lived in the Hong Kong side), while both being awfully late for our 
class that started at 8:30 am. Aegean, to my surprise, suggested we took a taxi to school 
together. I said I had no money. She said no problem, just take the ride with me. I was truly 
appreciative of her generous offer, because we never even talked with each other on school campus.

Aegean was a kind and lively lady/classmate, full of energy, 
compassion and generosity. I shall miss her.  

William Lau ( 劉煥文)
16 March 2014 

  It is  shocking to hear the sad news that our classmate 
Aegean  passed away.
  I remember she actively participated in our class reunion 
activities all these years, and she will be sadly 
missed by all of us.
May Aegean rest in peace.
Henry Wong ( 黄康育)
16 March 2014 



Steve So (蘇健興)
16 March 2014 



真棄吾輩而先乎? 孰謂愛瑾之壯以死,而吾可以長年乎?袁枚雖話:親在未敢言老,
而齒危髪禿, 心𥚃自知,知在人間,尚復幾日。趁行得走得,多享受人生,

William Young ( 楊康裔 )
16 March 2014


This is indeed sad.  I remember I sat behind Aegean during 
our last year (If my memory is correct) at Pui Ching.  
I had always admired her beauty, her gentleness and kindness. 
I extend my deepest condolences to Aegean's family.

Tim Su 蘇宗儉
16 March 2014


Again, I can not respond on master lists of classmates, so I choose
here to express my deepest sorrow for the passed away of our
dear classmate, Aegean King.  I attended same class with her at
High School I at Love Class.  We met her in Hongkong 2012, she
looked all fine with me.  When Joe Cheung called me this morning
for this saddest news, I am speechless.  Hope her rest in peace.

Parker Chin 秦葆鍇
16 March 2014


Shocked and saddened. It was just about ten days ago when I first learned, 
without much details, about Aegean's surgery and subsequent 
return to the US for recovery. 
Now I learn about her passing.  
May Aegean rest in peace. 
My thoughts are with her and her family.  

--    周美保  Mable

17 March 2014


How I remember Aegean

In November 2013, I visited Aegean at home a week after her discharge from  
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kowloon. From other Sunrisers, I had already learned of 
her stomach operation and the message from the surgeon to her that she would not 
be able to have a second operation. I had a strong suspicion that she was suffering 
from stomach cancer which always has a very bad outcome.  
So, I arrived at her flat, full of trepidation, anxious about what I should say and 
in what state I would find her. 

I was pleasantly relieved to see her usual elegant self, though pale.  
She was very calm, relating the sequence of her health events.  
Having sold her house in California, she returned to Hong Kong in July 2013 and 
looked forward to spending time with her elderly father, travelling around the world 
and doing enjoyable things. 
But by September, she was feeling tired easily and in October, started to have stomach pains
which necessitated admission to the hospital. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  
She repeated the surgeon’s message to me calmly and explained that she could now only 
take homogenised food.  She was waiting for her son’s arrival from Texas so that they  would  
travel together to his home town for treatment. 

I spoke with her 3 days before she left Hong Kong.  Again, she was calm and strong, 
no sign of feeling sorry for herself.  I was very moved and full of admiration for her 
courage and strength of character. 

I remembered the times we swotted together for various examinations, how we even 
studied through most of one night in my home and how we laughed at our ‘dream’ 
of marrying a rich man later so that we would never need to work hard again. 

We mourn her loss but her passing should remind us of human fragility, 
to emulate her love of life and learn to be calm and strong in facing great calamity.     

黄亭秀   Elizabeth Chan

18 March 2014


I was saddened to learn that Aegean had passed away. We met a few times 
while she was in Hong Kong. I was a bit surprised to find that she had decided 
to return to the States. I only learnt afterwards that she had been diagnosed 
with cancer. I didn’t know how serious it was since I have several close friends 
who had cancer and survived. It was only when I received her email at the end of 
last year asking me for some information on Chinese medicine, I realized the seriousness 
of her condition. I replied to her but didn’t hear from her again. In February, I sent her 
another email but again didn’t get any response. I had a gut feeling that something might 
have gone wrong. Last Saturday, I received an email from her son informing me the sad news. 
Aegean and I were not only alumni from Pui Ching, we actually studied in the same university 
in California. A few years ago, we lost our classmate 周維傑 who was close to me during 
high school days. Now I lost another close classmate. 

May Aegean rest in peace and my sincere condolences to her family!

王世全  Roderick Wong 
19 March 2014



My Fond Memory of Aegean

It is with sadness that I write about Aegean, my close classmate and friend. 
We met as ninth graders and we both relocated to Hong Kong shortly. 
As a result we communicated in Cantonese with a heavy Shanghai accent. 
Deeper than language was our friendship. One of my favorite memories of Aegean 
was our love of special treats. There we stood in a corner of a small restaurant enjoying 
being with each other and eating a flaky pineapple bun etc. 

I transferred to a different school during the middle of tenth grade. 
Aegean and I kept in contact, confiding in each other and giving each other 
moral support for many years.
Time changes life; Aegean moved to Hong Kong, while I still live in the United States. 
I did not see Aegean until our 50th Class reunion. 
Aegean presented herself as a beautiful, happy person. 
Our Sunrisers proclaimed her “Cantonese as cute”.

I deeply appreciate Aegean’s only son Bernie for notifying me of her death. 
He was kind enough to give me permission to have the latest photo 
of them together posted on our class-website. 
This priceless photo was taken in late December, 2013 
before Aegean’s condition started to worsen. 
He has a good memory as he still remembers me visiting them in California about 30 years ago. 
I recalled that often Aegean described her son as being very kind and devoting to her. 
Aegean passed away on March 5, 2014. 
Aegean’s son said Aegean “was true to herself until the end, the same dynamic 
and intelligent person we have all known.”

We all miss Aegean and trust that our good memory of her will give us comfort in the future. 
She was one of my true friends.

Gloria Yu 朱永芳
30 March 2014



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